• Donnie Boursaw


On his program Rush Limbaugh has been saying “WE THE PEOPLE” have brought this economic disaster, suspension of our rights, and all the attendant trials and tribulations that come with submitting ourselves to corrupt leadership, fear, tolerance, and political correctness upon ourselves. Instead of using our common sense we have had a knee-jerk, irrational, and stupid reaction, to an annual dilemma. He is right. The Constitution of the United States of America begins with the words “WE THE PEOPLE” and so do the Constitutions of all 50 states. It does not say the politicians, the news media, the bureaucrats, the governors, representatives, presidents, wall street, Hollywood, or experts, it says “WE THE PEOPLE”.

“WE THE PEOPLE” over three months have voluntarily followed the counsel of so-called experts. “WE THE PEOPLE” have accepted their projections and followed their directives, cooperated with their every wish and whim to the detriment of ourselves, our families, our fellow citizens, our livelihoods, and our freedom.

“WE THE PEOPLE” have believed a LIE. NOT ONE OF THEIR MODELS HAS BEEN CORRECT. NOT ONE OF THEIR PROJECTIONS HAS BEEN ON TARGET. NOT ONE OF THEIR DIRECTIVES HAS BEEN PROVEN TO ALLEVIATE ANYTHING. The truth about this virus is being exposed and so now they are threatening us with a resurgence and of course they will not be responsible, “WE THE PEOPLE” will be responsible.

“WE THE PEOPLE” have forgotten the one thing that sets America apart from all other nations on the earth, “WE” are in charge not “THEY”. Whitmer, Cuomo, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, and Trump work for us. “WE” hired them.

“WE THE PEOPLE” have allowed fear, ignorance, and acceptance of unproven science to rule us in the false assumption that we could avoid the trials, tribulations, pains, and vicissitudes, that are the natural by products of living a mortal life. EVERYONE IS BORN TO DIE. Although we can sometimes hasten or prolong this life, there is nothing we can do to prevent the inevitable. No politician, president, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief or expert can change anything with their science, models, projections, predictions, or precautions. Whether “WE” believe it or not the very hairs of our head are numbered.

“WE THE PEOPLE” held a protest in Lansing. “WE” were excoriated, called racists, told we lacked compassion and sympathy for our fellow Americans, and put our families, especially our children at risk. No one thanked us for reprimanding BIG BROTHER, exercising our Constitutional rights, or taking a stand against the tyranny of elected officials. No one even noticed that nothing was burned, no stores were looted, no property was damaged, no bystanders were intimidated or pushed around, no faces were hidden by “mask”, no one defecated or urinated on public streets, shouted obscenities, harassed police officers, or any of the atrocities that were committed by the Ferguson mobs, Antifa, illegal aliens, or Black Lives Matter.

“WE THE PEOPLE” have accepted what “WE” have been told without question with absolutely no proof that social distancing works, that wearing a mask will protect you from the virus, or that the stay at home orders have had any effect at all. In fact, it is being revealed daily that these methods may be prolonging the “pandemic”. While the numbers don’t add up and the models are flawed, “WE” pat ourselves on the back for following orders like good little children who need government to tell us how to care for ourselves, flaunted our virtue by wearing mask and gloves and being politically correct, never questioned the orders “WE” have been given, and sought the arm of flesh instead of our God to protect and cure us.

“WE THE PEOPLE” are now facing an economic meltdown, on the verge of overthrowing our Constitution for socialism and its false assumptions and subjecting ourselves to the tyranny of petty politicians and bureaucrats. All without question. I am not a trained seal in a circus act. I refuse to be led like a lamb to the slaughter. I am not a seedpod from Invasion of the Body Snatchers I will not allow my fears to overcome my common sense. I am an American and “As for me and my house, “WE” will serve and trust in the Lord,” not the government, science, or experts.

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