• Donnie Boursaw

The Liar Wins Again!

Karen Hardin, a contributing writer for Intercessors for America attended the Trump 2020 rally in Tulsa. This was the launch of his presidential campaign. Why would he chose a small state of just eight electoral votes to begin his bid for 2020? According to Karen, “… Because of that, most politicians ignore us. Yet President Trump chose to start here, which I believe is a strong statement. It wasn’t about gaining influence for electoral votes. It was about standing with the Christian conservative voice to say, “I see you, applaud you, and need you.” Media announced over on One million people had pre-registered, but the coverage showed those numbers did not coincide with attendance. Why?

Karen reported “What happened that day is a warning and should concern us all. It highlights the fact that the battle for our nation is far from over. In fact, it is just heating up. Here is what I saw first-hand and from friends who were also there. Since no one can be everywhere at once, I share both my reports and from friends I know personally as well as interviews I conducted on-site. You won’t hear this from the media. This is what should concern us:

The announcement that 800K had pre-registered for a free ticket to the rally worked against the president. It opened the door to fear, attack, and ridicule. Suddenly, COVID and social distancing flooded the news and they used that large number to instill panic. While the protests and riots of the previous 2-3 weeks were of no concern for spreading the virus, suddenly as Trump hit the campaign trail, COVID numbers were announced to be spiking all over the nation—even Tulsa. Fear was once again unleashed. Additionally, there was a fear of violence from reports of Black Lives Matter and Antifa intimidation at the rally. Plus, the projected requirement of standing in line and maneuvering through a predicted massive crowd kept many home who might have otherwise attended.

…to enter the rally, we had to first go through a temperature screening and receive a green wrist band showing we were cleared. It was a process just to get in. By 5:00 p.m., the screeners were mysteriously gone. Evidently, they were told, “Go home,” by the event center staff. I can’t confirm who gave the order, but the screeners did indeed leave 2 hours before the event started. What that meant is no one else could enter the rally from that point on, leaving long lines of people still waiting to get in, frustrated as they were told the rally was “full.” Which it wasn’t. It was an orchestrated lie to keep attendees out. They wouldn’t even let them into the overflow area which remained empty during the rally.

The media reported “less than 6200” in attendance according to an “official in the Tulsa Fire Department” who didn’t even attend the event. I personally called the TFD regarding that statement. What I learned is that they are NEVER called for these numbers at events. They could only report the click counters of fire marshals who were not at every entrance. The number wasn’t anywhere near accurate, as is clearly seen by the pictures… It was a set up. A friend at the rally did go ask a BOK official, which is where the attendance numbers are released, for an approximate headcount. It was 10K-11K around 5:00 p.m. The narrative of low attendance was a lie, although the rally wasn’t full. If there was such a high projected number of those who might attend, why did the Event Center run out of food partway through the day? Strange right? They handle huge events like Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks all the time and yet they were strangely unprepared for this event. Inept or intentional?

Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups DID show up at the rally despite the reports to say all remained peaceful. To be clear, overall, it WAS a peaceful event compared to what is seen in many cities. However, protesters were here trying to block gates and keep attendees out. At one point the Tulsa Police Department and National Guard, who were there enforce, had to close the gates into the rally to gain control. One gate was never reopened. Again, a tactic to keep people out. There is also a video in which BLM protestors threw some kind of liquid on Trump supporters. Peaceful?

Black leaders from Tulsa’s Greenwood District, which is where the Tulsa Race Massacre took place almost 100 years ago, refused to meet with President Trump and instead staged what did seem to be a peaceful protest during the event. How sad. When given an opportunity to share their heart and concerns with the president, they instead refused. However, other black leaders in our community such as Dr. Paula Price didn’t miss the opportunity and met with Vice-President Pence and other officials to share their strategy for racial healing in our city. Let me ask you, which group do you think came closer to achieving their goal? Those who chose to discuss options or those who refused to talk when given a chance?


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