• Donnie Boursaw

Take A Stand

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have been for almost 50 years. As far as I know, we are the only church which considers the founding documents of this country, especially the Constitution of the United States as sacred and authored by Heavenly Father. We have been taught according to a prophecy of Joseph Smith that “the Constitution would hang by thread and this people would step forward and save it.” My question is, how is that going to be accomplished when our people, especially our Priesthood, are ignorant of the document and its principles and when so many of us depend on the Prophet to direct us in every move we make and the majority of us do not seek our own revelation? Even he has not upheld the first amendment rights guaranteed by the documents but has allowed the secular government leaders, many who are corrupt and children of the devil, to dictate the terms of our worship and who now gives us permission to meet, how many can attend, how they are to attend, and threaten us with dire consequences if we disobey. None contest, no not one.

I was under the impression that the Church supported the first amendment. If we are the true church, why are we not leading the push back against this blatant usurpation of Constitutional powers? Why are not the “Priesthood” holders, especially those in government not voicing an outcry and seeking redress? Why are our leaders in obvious sympathy with the anti-American element that is seeking to overthrow our government? Why are the actions of men like Mitt Romney and Harry Reid not censured? These two men especially support laws and practices that are clearly against the doctrine of the Church, yet they are extolled and supported by leadership? I am confused.

I wrote Sen. Mike Lee about my concerns and ask him “since you are in government, are a church leader, and a holder of the priesthood, and since the church has not offered me anything but platitudes and pablum, I thought maybe you could explain it to me.” So far, I have not received a response.

This Chinese flu strain has been a blessing for this country in disguise. So many things have been exposed. I had not realized how far previous administrations had sold us out as a country, it made no matter which party, the object was the bottom line, money, and power. Churches are more concerned for their 501 3 © than they are for their parishioner’s souls. Instead of being a “peculiar” people we have adapted ourselves to the secular world linking with arms with Godless men and causes. Where are the Nephi’s, the Prahran’s, Alma’s, Mosiah’s, and General Moroni’s? We have plenty of Laban, Lemuel’s, Nehors, Korihors, and Kishkumens, but so far no one on the right side has stepped forward and raised the banner of freedom. , Lemuel’s, Nehors, Korihors, and Kishkumens, but so far no one on the right side has stepped forward and raised the banner of freedom.


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