• Donnie Boursaw

Pandemic of Mendacity

This last week I ventured into the public arena and ran into a friend at a local store. We caught up on events and since she was wearing “the mask” and I was not the discussion wandered into Commissar Whitmer’s shredding of our First Amendment rights under the Constitution.

When I left the store an incensed woman with a “designer muzzle” obscuring her mouth and nose who had eavesdropped on our conversation, began to berate me about calling the Chinese flu fake. “I am from downstate and this Covid is real. I have known people who had it and even died from it.”

First of all I never said it was a “fake” Chinese flu. I personally do not believe the lie that it was in pandemic proportions, but for Pete’s sake, we deal with a new strain of flu every year. More people die from other illnesses and flu every year than we have had infected or died from CCP this year, according to the latest CDC figures. In fact, tuberculosis is more infectious and dangerous than this “flu strain” and kills over 1 million people a year worldwide, yet the extreme measures of “social distancing, wearing a mask, or locking down the economy” has never been introduced as a means of protection by any country.

Thinking about this encounter has made me realize the United States of America is suffering from a “PANDEMIC” but it isn’t from the Chinese Flu, and social distancing, isolation, and muzzeling ourselves is not going to “flatten the curve.” This nation stinks to high heaven and beyond with a pandemic of MENDACITY.

Everyday we are being infected by perfidy, dishonestly, fraud, falsity, propaganda, half-truths, deliberate misinformation, and plain lies by “fake” news, bureaucrats, and corrupt politicians. There is so much bull-pucky being shoveled out of the barn we are fast becoming a manure pile.

Once upon a time American’s could be relied on to stand up for the truth, even if difficult, and face it head on with a “bring it on” attitude. I think that is the one thing I admire most about our President, he faces things like an American is supposed to face them and then seeks the most appropriate solution. I have followed Donald J. Trump from the beginning, and not once has he counseled, directed, or ordered any action that has infringed upon the boundaries set by the Constitution of the United States.

The CCP flu has made us a country of cowering, sniveling, whimpering, virtue signaling, whining, narcissistic parrots who follow orders, do what we are told without question, and ignore what is right in front of us. Instead of approaching this challenge on an individual foundation of intelligence, thought, and determination, believing the God of our fathers will help us, we have acquiesced to bureaucrats, godless scientists, corrupt politicians, failed governing practices, greed, and power hungry sycophants who claim they know better than we how to govern our lives. We are no longer “capable” of making our decisions, we must now be “told” what to do and how best to do it.

I am old, I am tired, and I am in the last season of my life on this earth. For over 50 years I have raised my voice in warning, stood as a witness against the evils trying to enslave us, and endured with great patience and forbearance the ignorance, apathy, and laziness of my fellow citizens. This is the way it is going to be for the remainder of my days, but I was born in freedom, I have lived my life in freedom, and I will die fighting for that freedom no matter the cost. Neither the CDC, government, nor the mask is my God. I do not depend upon them for my salvation and refuse to take a knee before them.


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