Who Am I?

Opinions do matter, and this is an opinion blog. It is an experiment. The tip of my pen is my personal effort to “think things through”.  


Everyone has an opinion about everything, even the subjects they know little or nothing about. We live in a world of information overload. There is an answer for anything and everything. Got a question, there’s an answer floating in cyberspace waiting to be snagged.  In modern society many have abdicated their ability and obligation to inform, reason, and evaluate what they think. We have become a nation of Parrots not Philosophers, who allow the media pundits, politicians, professors, professionals, and political correctness to shape what we think, believe, communicate and uphold.


I am a writer.  All writers are creative and must embrace dual disciplines to be successful. Mastering the craft; creating, polishing, and perfecting on the one hand, while distribution; sharing, submitting, and marketing is on the flip side. Sometimes we get so caught up in the business end of the craft or the natural desire for recognition and remittance that we lose the vision that provokes us to write. I don’t write for publication, fame, or fortune. Those are great side effects of being considered a good writer, but more important to me is the ability to express myself in an understandable, cohesive, unemotional way inhibited by my verbal capability. The written expression of self allows me to be emotional without raising my voice in anger, shedding tears of frustration over my ineptitude to speak, or choking the life out of my reader to force an understanding of the importance of my revelations.


The foundation of authorship is the opinion of the writer, their viewpoint, conclusions, observations and objectives. It does not matter what we write; advertising, creative fiction, non-fiction, whatever the topic it all boils down to the opinion of the Ink-slinger.


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